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23/01/2024 03:56:50 - Fresh Start USA U18
01/11/2020 18:07:11 - THE WORLD SOCCER BEGINS, WHY TO PLAY IT?
13/09/2020 21:06:58 - I´M DISAPPOINTED WITH THE GAME
If I could today, I would resign my position, and I would ask that users who feel the same, also do so ...

It is shameful that there are teams without players to call up, such as Ecuador, Israel, China, Serbia, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Morocco, Belarus ...

Equally sad are the teams that we cannot summon even 11 youth players, either due to little will of the users, or lack of resources on the part of the designers of this game ...

Many users tell me that this game has the best engine among all the existing ones. What is the use if there are no users? What is the use if no one proposes variants? (example building an additional team) ...

The 4 users that the United States has did not help me. I wrote to each one, and none of them gave me an answer. They are not obliged, but there Don Profurgol should have a possibility (create players only for the national team, allow the manager to change teams for a Sub21 or National team) ...

It is not the first time that they disappoint me, so we will continue forward, now the World Cup is coming and I will try to do a worthy role with players who do not exceed 22 stars on the field. I wanted to express my position, thank you very much to those who read this message!




SEP-13 - USA U18 (3) vs FINLAND U18 (8) - With 8 players I can´t have a decent soccer game. A shame of Furgol that does not provide us with resources or footballers. Defeat against Finland that hurts!

SEP-6 - USA U18 (5) v ENGLAND U18 (4) - Victory against a noble English team that also has problems with little squad...

AUG-30 - ROMANIA U18 (10) v USA U18 (2) - Defeat with the best U18 team and almost no players...

AUG-23 - USA U18 (6) v FRANCE U18 (2): Great victory against another team that qualified for the World Cup...

AUG-16 - GREECE U18 (8) v USA U18 (1): Hard defeat, but we tried variants...
26/07/2020 18:01:48 - WE CLASSIFIED TO THE WORLD CUP XX!
12/07/2020 19:13:13 - WITH VERY LARGE BALLS
28/06/2020 18:21:06 - What is happening to Us?
03/06/2020 23:53:41 - The World Cup Qualifying kicks off !!!
03/06/2020 23:43:58 - A NEW AND TRIUMPHAL STAGE !!!
08/08/2014 21:52:25 - New Player
20/10/2013 19:24:05 - cambio de ciclo
20/11/2011 17:49:41 - youth promises
09/03/2011 19:47:21 - NUEVA ERA EN USA18
21/08/2010 01:50:51 - we will try ...
24/05/2010 01:59:51 - Se Acabo / We Finish
10/04/2010 14:27:06 - We Need Players For the u18
12/02/2010 03:35:11 - Left full back defender
24/09/2009 20:42:20 - Players and Team
04/05/2009 23:51:06 - New National Team
01/03/2009 22:10:22 - Se acabó/ It was ended
01/03/2009 22:09:47 - Clasificación final/ Final classification



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